Who We Are?

Our Mission

We aspire to provide the highest quality of flowers to our valued customers all the time, every time!!

Located at the shores of Lake Victoria, in Entebbe, Ugarose has since 1998, produced and exported the highest quality roses to the Netherlands. 

An extraordinary journey...

Ugarose is a family business that since 1998, has been a major contributor to the Ugandan export sector, through its export of millions of sweetheart and intermediate roses to Europe. 

The resilence of Ugarose through the highs and lows of the global flower industry, is testament to the strong foundations set up by its founders, and the core values the company commits itself to be guided by.

Ugarose is committed to continuous improvement, and future growth to remain a valued partner to its clients, and a major player in the economic development of Uganda. 

Our Core Values

Our pursuit to maximising customer satisfaction is anchored in our three core values: 

A brief history...

Since 1998…

i. Ugarose Flowers Ltd, is a family business, incorporated on the 31st of July 1996, and has been involved in the production and export of quality cut roses since 1998. The company was started by Architect Stanley Mulumba, and Mrs Deborah Mulumba. These two directors, together with 2 of their children, Stanley Musiime and Dr. Patricia Mwebaze were the initial, and remain the current directors of the company. 

ii. Ugarose started production initially with 4 Hectares of green house, producing sweetheart rose varieties, and over the past 20 years the company was predominantly a producer of sweetheart rose varieties (typically roses with small head/bud size, but with relatively high production volumes). Currently since 2018, the company is undergoing a transition towards intermediate varieties, and expects to achieve a 90% conversion from sweethearts to Intermediates by end 2019, in line with the shifts in market trends towards bigger headsize.

iii. Ugarose is an export oriented business, and 100% of flowers grown are exported. The company has on average grown from an export level of 10 million stems per annum in its early days, to a current export level of 25 million stems per annum. For the past 20 years, all flowers from Ugarose have been exported through a number of agents based in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the biggest importer and exporter of flowers globally

iv. Today Ugarose has tripled its production area (from 4 hectares in 1998) to 13 Hectares of roses, so doing, the company has utilised all available production acreage at its one location, in Bwerenga village, Entebbe Sub county, Wakiso District. The company has now acquired an additional 80 hectares of land in a new location for future expansion.  

v. Ugarose flowers currently employs about 300 employees, over 75% of whom are women. The company therefore plays a key role in providing economic opportunities and sustaining livelihoods for the women and men resident in Bwerenga, Wakiso district.

vi. Ugarose is MPS ABC, MPS SQ and MPS GAP certified. this affirms or commitment to ensuring product quality, while operating within best socially and environmentally accepted practices.